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The Best of Latest Digital Publishing Trends

The digital publishing world has long grown out of its infancy. We have been among the earliest followers of this amazing evolution. In fact, our participation in this fantastic growth of online readership has been phenomenal, to say the least. In the infancy of internet, everything was largely sketchy. Plagiarism was not much of an issue (it is unbelievable, but we used to get multiple pages copied from Wikipedia displayed on Google.) People typically accessed the internet from bulky desktop machines and quality parameters were mostly formal. All it required for a website was to provide just any text that would do to explain its presence. Gradually, we witnessed digital publishing trends to become more and more quality focused, as online readership participation also continued to grow.

However, we do remember that reading books online has been a major aspect right from the beginning of the twenty first century, even though for a highly niche audience. The Google Books Library Project was announced in December 2004. Before that, in the time between late 90s to early 2000s, online reading was virtually limited to website content (quite unpolished by today’s standards) and the quintessential PDFs. Adobe services made PDFs freely available to the digital world way back in 1993. Eventually, the flow of digital publishing trends incorporated smart phones, tablets, and even specialized e-book reading devices, the Kindle. It is amazing to note that we have been a part of this journey from its early days, experimenting with online publication scenario, and growing in pace with the world of digital texts.

Digital Publishing Trends

Quality Oriented Digital Publishing Trends

Especially during the last 7/8 years, the algorithm of online readership developed at an amazing pace with stringent quality focus. A lot of credit goes to Google for developing unmatched quality algorithms, but the main appreciation should definitely go to the people of the world whose unparalleled involvement with the online world actually helped shape everything for the best. The content published in websites, blogs, and articles these days are much less keyword rich, much more organic, and much better in readability.

A look back into digital publishing is incomplete without referring to the evolution of blogs and newsletters. In fact, blogs were hugely popular when they were introduced as they were among the first attractions to hook people to the internet. It was the era before social media came into existence. People started to participate more regularly. Newsletters also began to appear with websites from early 21st century. They evolved from email communications when people began to realize the need to stay in greater familiarity with their favorite websites.

It is actually a continuous process, and the system is still evolving wonderfully. The PDF eBooks have retained their presence, but nowadays people can also read by eMagazines. In this latest development of digital publishing trends, readers can actually enjoy the simulation of turning the pages of a virtual book, just as we would read in reality. Many services choose our product instead of sending conventional newsletters anymore, and with great benefits.

We are proud to be pioneers in this field, offering PageTurnPro with all its benefits. Our system still works with the primary eBook template, converting it into wonderful eMags.

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