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Newsstand App For Elite Customers On The Go

Using our PageTurnPro Newsstand App offers a fantastic way to connect with discerning readers. There are several others news apps available. You need to deliver an exceptional reading experience on the go to attract significant attention over your competitors. PageTurn Pro is unique in offering a fascinating virtual simulation experience. The reader can actually feel like sifting through the pages of an actual magazine! In addition, the user experience is super rich with a host of all other cool features that you could expect from a standard online publication.

Check out following pointers for a brief introduction to the advantages of using the app for your mobile digital publication. It offers a significant development of readability from conventional eBooks, Newsletters, and Newsstand applications.

  1. The app is universally accessible. Readers can access it virtually from any smartphone or other handy gadgets and face no inconvenience. The comprehensive responsive programming of the app allows automatic adjustability with the screen dimensions. This, in turn, allows the broadest access to a reader base.
  2. Easy video embedding features of the app improves the readability of your mobile magazine. In addition, it also provides wonderful flexibility in terms of colorful layouts and designs. The administrator can merely upload the video URL from YouTube or Vimeo to embed it.
  3. The software automatically hyperlinks all email ids and website URLs you publish. This feature effectively delivers search engine optimization benefits via mobile platforms as the published sites gain new footfalls.
  4. Advertisers love the presentation offered by the digital magazine Newsstand App. Integrate standard IAD format ads as skyscrapers and leader boards. Implement interstitial or pop up ads with video capability. Each page turn would count as an impression, simplifying the revenue calculation as well. You can also set up a sponsorship index page linking directly to advertiser websites.

Convenient Newsstand App For Marketers

Even from the administrator point of view, it presents one of the best experiences with neat archiving, easy editing, and strategic marketing. The extensive analytics delivered by the app can be crucial for a publication manager to interpret audience expectations and align promotions thereby.Evaluate the multiple benefits of managing the app as below.

  1. It allows bulk uploads. Irrespective of the volume of news you need to publish and fast, the app is the perfect solution to stay ahead over your competitors in the race of breaking news. All you have to do is be ready with the files in PDF formats. Page Turn Pro only accepts PDFs to convert them into eMags.
  2. Effective layout customization’s features are best to set your page just as you want them.
  3. The subscription-based features help you to fine tune the reading experience between privileged members and non-members. Subscriptions are also crucial in lead data capturing and growing a loyal consumer base. You can further set the parameters of confidential subscription by requiring phone and email verification’s.
  4. Extensive analytics features offered by the Newsstand App include detailed data on virtually anything that allows you to interpret readership psychology. Analyze audience participation in terms of page views, operating systems, number of clicks, and devices used among other aspects.
  5. The editing features entailed in the app allows you to replace an entire PDF file at once or work with specific pages without disrupting the content on other pages or even on the same page where you are not editing.

You can also use the online version of this wonderful Newsstand App, where interested customers can try out the FREE TRIAL with full features before choosing the publication benefits.

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