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Online Catalogs for E-commerce Newsletters

Newsletters are important digital marketing tools. They serve to inform and educate your loyal customers. Evolved as a high-end format of email marketing, the newsletter is a cool means to collect leads and exhibit sponsorship. We are among the pioneers of the digital publishing sector, and are proud partners of many top services across the virtual world. PageTurnPro delivers a revolutionary reading experience to a digital audience. Among the many benefits of our advanced online catalogs software, one can actually enjoy sifting the pages of an e-magazine. Even in a largely saturated world of virtual text, our innovation is a milestone achievement! If you do not believe our words, anyone is always welcome to try a FREE DEMO on limited trial to experience the amazement.

Publishing the e-mag newsletter with us is incredibly easy. The raw template should still be in PDF, which you can format with fantastic control by our in-house system. Operating in the Software as a Service model, we guarantee 24×7 cooperation in absolutely any kind of troubleshooting. Well-defined legal terms immune your business confidentiality. In fact, an admin enjoys granular membership access with white lists and black lists onto the elite reading platform. Your customers also feel privileged to be a part of the exclusivity.

The interesting format is something one would not typically miss to click. It is a well-known fact that most of the promotional emails head over to the recycle bin of your inbox. The realistic simulation of your online product catalog definitely helps to break this stalemate. E-commerce admins can focus on the quality aspects in products, image photography, demo videos, images, and written text. Complemented by a stunning platform, all the elements come together to elevate your appreciation even in a somewhat stagnant world.

Tips for Trade with Online Catalogs

The above section outlines all basic elements where you must focus to attract customers. However, the benefits extend much beyond those mentioned. You can promote the newsletter on social media, increasing your readership further. The easy sharing features embedded in the catalog encourage readers to share their favorite content with colleagues, friends, and family. The astounding features promised at the catalog are in themselves great USPs for your website. You can conduct surveys on running products and announce special discount sales in the most attractive manner. The admin can fluently manage the product catalog to update new arrivals and work with existing posts in the archive. Extensive analytic feedback effectively helps a site owner to develop campaigns according to target viewership psychology.

Did you get the vibe that this is something that you could not miss? Try the online catalogs for yourself without spending a dime. The limited period trial demo offers all the benefits you would expect, and sufficient time to explore. Get in touch without decisive delay at the contact page. Millions of websites are updating, and you simply cannot afford to stay behind the competition.